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High Stimulant and Hyper Focus Complex

TruStim is a true stimulant and focused based pre-workout. We've packed 60 servings per container of only ingredients that increase energy, motivation and mental focus.  

You can expect the following: 

  • Hyper focus and intensity
  • Magnified adrenaline and power
  • Surge of PR-busting energy 

TruStim is designed to be extremely versatile - it can be used by itself or stacked with any other pre-workout to give added energy and focus. If you love stimulants and can't get enough, this is a must-have product for you..

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TruStim Highlights

Learn why Aorta stands out from other pre-workouts 

Energy Driven Formula

TruStim gives boundless energy so you can push through even the toughest workouts.

Laser Focus

Designed to balance the "bouncing-off-the-walls" effects of stimulants with mental focus ingredients. Helps you mentally stay in the zone.

Euphoric Element 

TruStim induces euphoria so you achieve that "runner's high". You'll enjoy every workout from beginning to end. 

Synergistic Response 

Formulated with ingredients that complement and balance each other. Also plays well when combined with other pre-workouts.

Flexible Dosing 

Made with 60 servings per container for granular control of your dose. Adjust up or down easily with  servings to fit your goal..

Efficaciously Dosed

Made with the highest quality ingredients in clinically effective doses.

Ingredient Profile 

Clinically dosed with uniquely selected ingredients. Click through below to find out more.

2000mg per serving.  An amino acid that has shown to reduce stress while increasing mental cognition and feeling of well-being, especially under conditions of acute stressors (such as intense lifting sessions). Also reduces fatigue while increasing wakefulness.

Performance Profile



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