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Dynamically Potent Sleep Aid

Sedation is a strong sleep aid designed to target both metabolic and neurological processes in the body. Sedation helps the body enter deep sleep and recover from the toughest workout. 

  • Induces deep quality REM sleep
  • Metabolizes stimulants to reduce restlessness
  • Promotes mental well-being and reduced anxiety 

Quality sleep is paramount to perform at your athletic best. Get the best sleep of your life with Sedation. 

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Sedation Highlights

Learn why Sedation is the best on the market 

Proven Ingredients 

Sedation includes staple sleep ingredients such as melatonin, valerian, and a custom ZMA formula.  

Advanced Neurotransmitters

Contains ingredients that directly affect neurotransmitters in the brain to achieve deeper sleep faster.

Metabolizes Caffeine 

Breaks down and eliminates circulating caffeine in the body. Very beneficial for those workouts in the afternoon/evening. 

Induces Full Sleep Cycles

Sedation helps the body move through 5 phases of sleep for optimal brain and body recovery.

Non Habit Forming

Sedation can be used as often as needed  without building a tolerance or dependence.

Efficaciously Dosed

Made with the highest quality ingredients in clinically effective doses.

Ingredient Profile 

Clinically dosed with uniquely selected ingredients. Click through below to find out more.

175mg per serving.  Promotes sleep in people who have insomnia. Also known as Niacin, a deficiency in niacin can cause insomnia and restlessness, so it's no surprise that supplementing with B3 can promote better sleep.

Effect Profile

Sleep Induction
Sleep Quality


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