Dynamically Potent Sleep Aid

Prepare to get knocked out with waves of powerful sedatives. Sedation is the all-in-one sleep product for those that need to fall sleep and stay asleep. Getting quality deep sleep is crucial for the body to recover and repair itself. A restful night also improves mental clarity and ensures the body is primed for optimal performance. Wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized,, and ready to tackle your next workout.

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Essential Amino Acid Recovery Complex

Fuel your body with the essential building blocks for repairing and building muscle. Infusion is a full stack of 9 essential amino acids packed into a delicious blend of flavors. Taken pre-/post-workout or sipped throughout the day, Infusion delivers vital nutrients to the body and helps muscles maintain in an anabolic state. A daily must-have for those looking for optimum muscle recovery and growth.

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BCAA & Carb Refueling Blend

Recharge and replenish with a tri-blend of carbohydrates and a full gambit of essential amino acids. Transfusion is a pre-/intra- workout designed to supply the body with a refuel of carbs and nutrients, so you can overcome the most challenging workouts. A unique blend of carbohydrate types help give instant energy as well as long lasting endurance energy.  With Transfusion, you'll finish every workout strong. 

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