4/28/2017 Press Release

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April 28, 2017



Vein Nutrition Customer Support

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Vein Nutrition Blood Shot Serving Size Manufacture Discrepancy


Raleigh, North Carolina, April 28th 2017: Today we have confirmed with the manufacturer that the products Vein Nutrition Blood Shot Summer Pop Flavor (Lot 1005370) and Vein Nutrition Blood Shot Blackberry Lemonade Flavor (Lot 1005371) have a discrepancy between the serving size and the scoop size. The manufacturer made the mistake of putting a 16g scoop instead of the intended 8g scoop. The label says “Serving Size: 1 Scoop 8.55g”, the 8.55g is correct for a serving but the scoop size is wrong.


This initially was brought up when a customer emailed us two days ago saying they got 19 scoops out of a container. We measured the scoop size and it was about double the size it should have been. We emailed the manufacturer about this issue, and they confirmed today that it was indeed a mistake in their QA (quality assurance) department.


Moving forward, we are going to rectify this issue by the following:


  1. Informing all customers who have bought or sampled affected products of the error in production and that 1 serving = ½ scoop 55g is the correct dosing for the label.
  2. Sending all customers who have bought the affected product another tub of product to account for the fact that customers have purchased under the assumption that there are 30 scoops worth of product but only received 15 scoops worth of product. For example: If you bought two tubs of Blood Shot Blackberry Lemonade, we are automatically sending you two more tubs of Blood Shot Blackberry Lemonade free of charge. These product compensations will begin to roll out immediately. The product you will receive should be dosed according to 1 serving = ½ scoop 55g.
  3. All remaining affected Blood Shot product, after compensation product has been sent, will be pulled from online and retail distribution.
  4. The manufacturer we are currently using for the newest products and upcoming batches will be at a GMP certified facility. This is not the same manufacturer who made the current Blood Shot batches.
  5. We will implement some basic QA policies at Vein Nutrition to double check our manufacturer has the correct specifications.


One of our core principles at Vein Nutrition is transparency. We come to you today with this release as soon as we discovered the discrepancy. We hope that our compensation is sufficient for our valued customers. We also acknowledge the potential dangers of a mislabeled product, especially as a brand who doses high. We want to emphasize it was a mistake by the manufacturer and not a purposeful action by Vein Nutrition or the manufacturer. But we also acknowledge that it would have been wise for us to double check our manufactured products. We are now doing the best and the quickest we can to address the issue and compensate customers accordingly. We will also do our best in the future to double check our manufacturer. In an ideal world, we would say that such an issue would never happen again. But we realize mistakes can and will be made, but we can assure you that we will work our hardest to fix mistakes.


We sincerely hope that you continue to shop with and support the Vein Nutrition brand and that we can move past this with grace and humility.  


As always we greatly appreciate the community’s engagement and support.


Alex L.

Owner, Vein Nutrition